Welcome to Missouri Independent Medical Evaluations and Missouri Life Care Plans

Missouri Independent Medical Evaluations provides a very unique and specialized independent medical examination that is used in medical-legal cases. We will evaluate medical records, interview and examine patients in order to produce our report. In the report, we will comment on the history of the injury, the diagnosis, the cause of their injuries, future medical care needed, and will assign impairment ratings for workers compensation cases, if needed.

In life care planning, we follow a very similar pattern as with the independent medical evaluation. Life care plans are typically done on individuals with catastrophic injuries that will require care in the future. The life care plan will include an independent medical evaluation. We will then look at those injuries and determine what future medical care will be needed as result of those injuries. Not only do we provide what care will be needed, we provide the cost of that care. This helps individuals and their attorneys to know the exact cost of their care when presenting their case to a jury or judge.

Additionally, we provide expert testimony for the independent medical evaluations and life care plans as needed. This involves deposition testimony as well as trial testimony.